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Pattern triggering by slow external signal in 81134a?

Question asked by ricardos on Jun 17, 2011

We are currently trying to trigger a pattern on a 81134a generator using an external signal.
The sequence of  instructions we are using is:
':DIG1:PATT #23201111111111111111111111111111110,DUAL'

The instruction set works, but we have to re-arm the generator after each trigger.
At each trigger we just want to send the 32bits of the pattern and no more data before the next trigger event.
Our trigger signal is very slow (1 to 20Hz) compared to the data frequency (100MHz).

Because of the time necessary to re-arm we are currently limited to a trigger signal of 2Hz.
Is there a way for the pattern to be triggered by a slow signal without the need to re-arm?

Thank you in advance for your help,