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Question asked by aufenanger on Oct 31, 2003
> They did not like the fact
> that VEE Runtime had to first be loaded.
You have the same thing when you have a Visual basic exe. You will need the
Basic DLL before you can run your exe file.
>Another was one where a company
>used all of its old machines to run auto test and in some cases
>was to slow.
To buy an new PC is much cheaper than to spen the money for a softworker to
develov in another development tool. You develop software much quicker in
>Some of these things missing have already been posted, but here
>are some of the basics I would also like to see in addition to an EXE
>capability are:

There are a lott of real basics that are missing in VEE. I often write a
list of this. One of those is for example some File handling programs. It
can not be thrue that I alwas have to use Kernel functions, when I want
access to the file sytem. But that are more basic things than you asked for.
I would whish that VEE will become a normal programming language with all
features of a programming language. All the other things can be managed.
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