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Dynamic Visa Addressing

Question asked by WillHaas on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2010 by changmeikuan
I am modifing a VEE PRO 6.0 program that has a direct I/o with an address field to Vee PRO 9.2.  I see that the address field is no longer available, but that the VISA address can be changed dynamically.  I was able to modify a direct I/o for a 3499, but I am having trouble with an N6702 power supply.  I can dynamically change the address and comunicate an IDN, but if i try and send amp or volt commamnds it won't always work. My program cycles through two addresses to each of the four channels.  I can update the amp settings for channels 2 to 4, but channel 1 won't update.  Also the voltage commands don't work.  When I change the address and send a *IDN* and get back both different units serial numbers.  What's the proper way to set up the direct I/O and or instrument?  Does the instrument need to be created before the direct I/O is written?

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