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Getting screen signal Agilent Technologies N9010A

Question asked by fga89 on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by tabbott
I have the spectrum analyzer Agilent Technologies N9010A, and I would like to read the signal in the screen through the computer using GPIB, at a certain frequency. I have been looking at

The problem is that I don't find the command to set the frequency of the signal. After, I want to transfer that signal (numerical data) to the computer using GPIB.

By now, I have only found how to recover the signal by previously recording it into a register of the instrument (I do it through the spectrum analyzer), but I would like to do it directly The signal is in time.

Does anyone know which command do I have to use to:

1. Change the frequency I'm looking at.
2. Switch the instrument to time-mode.
3. Transfer the signal (numerical data) to the computer by BPIB using one of these options:
    3.1. Record it to a register and then transfer it (2 commands)
    3.2. Transfer it directly to the computer.  (1 command) 

I have only found the command to transfer it from a register to the computer through GPIB (the 2nd command I would like to use in 3.1), but haven't found any of them in

Could anyone help me about this?