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PXA_ Swept SA power measurements

Question asked by Leyo on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by tabbott
Please help me figure this out==>

PXA  in spectrum analyzer mode is used for this measurement.
Start Freq   1.75GHz
Stop Freq    2 GHz.
Sweep time   Manual  => 200 msec.
Detector  RMS
# of sweep points =>2001.
RBW   Auto   3MHz.
Average ==> Log average

My Radio is transmitting  6 C  as follows (Freq in MHz) 
1805.2     1812.2     1819.2     1826.2     1833.2     1840.2. Each  carrier has 40 dBm of power  (Verified using the PVT mode measurement)

When I put a marker in any of the above frequency,PXA   marker is showing 5 to 6 dB less power. Since the  carrier BW is only 200 KHz and RBW is 3 MHz with RMS detector, PXA should give the correct power of 40 dBM, right. Please let me know what I am missing here.