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Private UFs in UOs

Question asked by andyTPE on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2013 by Mike
No response from Agilent on the VRF, so I thought I would try the VEE Forum...  Here goes:

I decided to upgrade to VEE9.2 and hoped to take advantage of the Private User Function capability to improve the structure of my imported libraries.  Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that a Private UserFunction can only be called from another UF in the library, and not a UO from within the library.

I hope the following attachments highlight the problem.

Lib1.vee is the library of UserFunctions
UF_call2private()                             calls the private UF from a UF in the library
UF_call2privateByUO()                  calls the private UF from a User Object that is in the UF in the library (the call from the UO is typical of my code – I use UO’s inside UF’s to clean up the code)

Run Lib1.vee by itself and everything works.

Now, run demo_lib1.vee (will need to adjust the import path accordingly).  The UF_call2privateByUO() fails and I think it fails because the private UF is called from a UO inside the UF.

I was hoping that I could call a private UF from a UO inside a library UF – is that unreasonable?  Without this capability it seems to me that I am restricted to calling a private UF from a public UF, which will, in my case at least, make code readability and flow almost as convoluted as before!

Is this a bug/valid enhancement request?

All thoughts welcome….