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34420A Measurement Error

Question asked by 02aldo02 on Jul 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by lhornburg
Hi im new to this forum
I'm having a problem with a multimeter 34420A I first take a resistence reading with the display on the multimeter and then I take the same resistance measurement with excel using the GPBI port and I get an error of almost 20% does this means something on my programing code is wrong or the digital interface has something to do with it?

My code:
Private Sub cmdSingleReading_Click()
    delay 1000
    ' Places a single reading in the Active cell
    Dim Address As String
    Address = Agt3494A1.Address
    If Len(Address) < 4 Then    ' no address
         Address = "GPIB0::22"
         Agt3494A1.Address = Address
    End If
    txtAddress.Text = Address
    Dim result As Double
    Agt3494A1.Output "Read?"
    Agt3494A1.Enter result
    Dim contador As Double
    contador = Cells(2001, 1) + 1
    Cells(contador, 1).Value = result
End Sub

Thanks in advance