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Replacement Parts for 33120A

Question asked by vr2whf on Apr 25, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2010 by lhornburg
Hi Agilent support,

I need to get the display and the **** for my 33120A, since that the VFD display is degraded (I hate VFD aging quickly!) and the **** is broken.

I have searched through the Agilent website with the following result.

Part Number  Description           Status
33120-89301 DISPLAY VAC-FL    Obsolete
33120-87401 ****                    Orderable

How could I order the DISPLAY VAC-FL? I found this item is not orderable via on the website. Any alternative way to get this replacement part?

dicksonfuhk ([at])yahoo([dot])com([dot])hk  (please remove the obvious error in the email address)