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How to generate a DC voltage Agilent 33120A/33220A/33250A

Question asked by lhornburg Employee on Mar 17, 2010
The Agilent 33120A/33210A/33220A/33250A can output DC voltage in the range of -5 V DC to +5 V DC (into a 50-ohm termination).

To output a DC voltage from a 33120A:

   1. Press the Offset key and hold it down for more than 2 seconds. This activates the DC mode with the offset voltage as the output level (0 V default).
   2. Enter the magnitude of the desired DC voltage using the **** or Enter Number key.
   3. Set the units to the desired value by pressing the Shift key followed by the down arrow key for millivolts or just press the Enter key for volts.

To output a DC voltage from a 33210A/33220A/33250A:

   1. Press the Utility key and then select DC On. The Offset value becomes selected.
   2. Enter the desired voltage level as an "Offset" with the numeric keypad or ****.