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vrf Low Cost Equipment

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 13, 2003

<font size=2 face="Courier New">Hi Axel</font>

<font size=2 face="Courier New">Measurement Computing ( excellent, cheap A/D boards some you can use to measure such signals. They have a special Interface to VEE, that adds a menu item "DataACq" to the VEE environment.</font>

<font size=2 face="Courier New">Regards</font>

<font size=2 face="Courier New">Majed Ali</font>

<font size=2 face="Courier New">Hi there,
can anybody out there recommend some low cost Equipment to measure
<font size=2 face="Courier New">
- AC-Voltage signals
- from -2.5V to 2.5V
- frequency from 0 to 8000Hz
- with a sample rate of 80kHz min.

with a PC and HP Vee??

Thank you for an answer in advance,


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