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Can my 33220A/33210A be retrofit with option 001?

Question asked by lhornburg Employee on Mar 17, 2010

Option 33220A-001 External Timebase Reference may be fitted into the Agilent 33220A at any time. The option provides two additional BNC connections for the 10 MHz reference input and output, located above the Trigger and Modulation BNCs on the rear panel.

The retrofit kit is ordered as 33220-80001 and includes a circuit board and brief installation instructions. All the instructions on using the features available with the option are included in the 33220A User's Guide, so no manual is included in the kit.

To install the option, a Torx T-20 and a 9/16 inch (approx 14 mm) deep-well socket, nut driver, or open-end wrench is required. While installing the option, the covers to the 33220A will be removed and circuit boards handled. Those familiar with ESD and static safe procedures (use of an anti-static wrist strap is recommended) as well as recognizing potential hazards may retrofit the option.

Installing or removing the External Timebase Reference assembly has no effect on the instrument's calibration or calibration interval. No recalibration is necessary unless it is time for a scheduled calibration.