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Could not change voltage on agilent 66332A measurement sour

Question asked by RajuNamburi on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by RogerioHein
Hello Everyone,

                      I am using agilent 66332A dynamic measurement DC source, i used GPIB to set & read voltage and current from it. i could successfully do it with VOLT <value> & MEASE:CURR?. but today when i switched it on, i found an Err & Prot on the display screen, i am unable to set the voltage manually or using GPIB. can anyone help me find out the problem , what this Err about and how can i clear Prot. I used *CLS, the Err got away but even when i press shift + protect the Prot mode is not going away. i couldnt use my DC source now. Pls help me. Thanks in advance.