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Timer problem in VEE

Question asked by subu on Oct 8, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by PingWei

I am running a for loop which activates the terminal T2 of the timer in VEE. The terminal T1 is first activated before the for loop starts. When I run it, the timer output values which are normally supposed to be increasing as T2 is activated in each run of the for loop, somehow seem to show some discrepancies. Like for eg, I would expect the output value to be gradually increasing like 1.1us, 3.9us, 6.5us, 7.9us,.. The values I get seem to show a similar trend but sometimes I get this occasional error like say 1.1us, 0.9us, 3.9us, 6.5us,....

This is particularly very important in the app I am trying to develop.Can you help me out? According to the help, the timer ignores a case when T2 arrives before T1 and I have verified this. So, I don't see any reason as to how this would happen. I have attached a snapshot of what I mean