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Loading Saved Configuration File for B2902A SMU Doesn't Work Properly

Question asked by glowitz on Jul 28, 2012
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I saved a configuration file to a USB flash drive on my B2902A. It is a simple setup: Linear voltage sweep on Ch1 with current limit. This is being used to test I-V curves on LEDs. At the point I saved it, everything was working fine and the IV graph is perfect on the display.

Saving it to USB Flash seems OK. Recalling it seems OK (it loads) and it seems to set all the parameters correctly as best as I can tell (including sweep enabled with multiple points). However, when I hit the trigger key to initiate a sweep (after reloading the configuration setting from a fresh power up), nothing happens. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get it to sweep again. Only shutting off the power and reprogramming the limits from scratch can reset it. 

I am using the most current firmware version 1.01144.9870 and I've attached two configuration files for reference. 

It seems that either the configuration file isn't saving all the appropriate parameters or it's corrupting them upon import (or not importing everything that matters).

Basically, the USB flash is useless if I can't recall the settings intact. What else can I try? Something definitely seems buggy here and I've tried it multiple times, even changing the file names I'm saving. Same issue each time. I can't force a triggered sweep after reloading the settings.

Perhaps unrelated (or not), it doesn't maintain the X/Y min max values on the display graph, so that information is lost and has to be manually reset.

I also have several other suggestions for the B2902A that would make it much more useable. How can I get in contact with the Product Manager  for this (I believe it's designed in Japan?) -- I believe I can help make this a better product with some minor firmware enhancements but I need to establish communication with the product management and design team. It's not clear that anyone from the SMU product team is reading these forums -- I'm not even sure where to post these since there is no SMU forum and they seem to be posted in random forums.

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