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5372A Frequency and Time Interval analyzer, A5U41 fails

Question asked by sci_conv on May 21, 2012
Hello all: 

A newly acquired HP 5372A, in otherwise great condition,  shows an error on turn on, 
A5U41 fail.  Further tests confirm it fails initially, but passes tests after warmup. 

1. Has anyone ever seen this symptom, or know the effects on operation, it runs fine otherwise. 

2, Does anyone have the IC, or know where to get them? 

A5U41 IC Zero Dead time counter, HP house part number 05372-60005, no commercial part number. Located on A5 EVENT board, part number  05372-60005

Any substitute commercial IC? 

3, The PDFs available are not very good, I would like to find a printed service manual for this. Serial number is 3141A 00982  Any offers or tips? 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! 




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