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Trigger source changed from internal to manual after saved a state (all)

Question asked by mckaiser on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by mckaiser
I have a problem with our E5061B (Ref. A.2.06).
First I calibrate the E5061B included the test plant what I use and configure the E5061B as I like it (polar diagram, phase offset, …). Than I save this settings (save -> state 1). If I have saved that with “save type -> state & cal” than it’s all fine after I recalled this state. But if I saved it with “save type -> all” than the trigger source changed from internal to manual after I recalled the state. I check the setting before I saved it; the trigger source was adjusted at internal.
What is there wrong? Is there any cause why that has to be so? Or is that a simple error in the firmware of the E5061B?