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Test leads thermal EMF uncertainty

Question asked by bar28 on Apr 10, 2012
I'm trying to build up uncertainty budget from simple resistance measurement. DVM is 3458A and DUT is 100ohm resistor with 4-wire connections. Test current is 10mA. I'm using Fluke 5440A-7002 test leads which has a note,  that thermal EMF is less than 1.3uV/celsius degree. What is the right way to calculate, how much those cables causing measurement uncertainty? I know, that 4-wire connection eliminates pretty well those thermal effects, but anyway.
Can i just calculate residual thermal resistant value, like R = 1.3uV/10mA?, Lab temperature is tightly controlled +/- 1 celsius degree window. If i can calculate, what distribution model thermal uncertainty follows. Gaussian, triangel, U-shape?