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Hp6030A overrange error with <1Watt-Help

Question asked by max11 on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by max11

i've a problem with a power supply HP6030 with GPIB board.

The device power up and there isn't any error code.I can setup the wanted amount
output current that it should give,but when i start to move the jog immediatly
the led overrange ligth up and the voltage remian @ 0 volt.
I checked all the power section and seem to be ok.I've checked all the signal in
the connector A2J7 on A2 control board and all seem to be ok.

If i have well understood the functioning of the instrument, the
overrange(autorange) limit is calculated by the uProcessor using the Vmon and
Imon signals.
I think that the 2 signals are multiplied and the result is verified with a
value of reference that means max output power possible.

So if i mesure the Imon and Vmon in the rear of the supply or in the A2 board
they are perfecly @ zero.

So my opinion is that probably the uprocessor receive the digitalized Imon and
Vmon with a wrong value.

These signal pass trought a multiplexer and then into a A/D converter.

How could i check this part of circuit?

Or somebody had same problem and resolved it?

Thanks in advance for any help