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vrf AW: Fit panel to printer ?

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jan 16, 2005
You may adjust it via the Vee-preferences and the printer-scale.
but best way is to use a second panel just for the printing which you may
enlarge to a scale so that it fits your needs.
At the end you do have one panel for the PC-Screen and another (with similar
information) for printing.
That way you also may fit it to landscape for PC and portrait for A4 size
Have a look for old answers via oswego belonging this subject- there is a
sample code which i did not find so fast ....

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Betreff: [vrf] Fit panel to printer ?

i want to print the panel of a user function from the running programm
(test report).
How can i fit it to the paper ? it appears always very small on the left /
top border of the page.

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