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vrf Merge Record in 7.03

Question asked by VRFuser on May 4, 2005
Hi Folks,
          Something interesting - I upgraded my package from 7.0 to 7.03
this afternoon ( yes, I should have done it before... ) and all of a
sudden, a library I've been using since 1999 ( VEE Object Library -
available on our website ) stopped working.

The reason: I want to be able to add to an array which is in a record -
this is not allowed directly ( hint: I'd like it to be ) so the
technique I use is to split the record using two sub-records: one with
'include' and one with 'exclude'.  Extract the array from the record,
add an extra element, create a new record and merge it with the
'exclude' list.

If there is only one field in the record this now fails because the new
'merge record' object will not allow a merge of 'null' with a record (
which used to result in just the record ).

The upshot is that I need to use an if/then/else with a typeName(A) ==
"Record" to control whether I use the extracted record as-is or merge it
with the rest of the fields.  The 7.03 operation is probably the
'correct' mode but in case you have employed this 'undocumented feature'
you may want to know about it.

Mike Watts


   Michael Watts, Consultant                                 PO Box 92
   on the web: www.PreciselySo.Co.UK                      Exeter,Devon
   e-mail: MJWC@PreciselySo.Co.UK                              England
   tel: +44 7714 339 729                                       EX4 2YY

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