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vrf Vee 7.5 and NI PCMCIA-GPIB

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jun 8, 2005
Yes, i know - it is described in the manual, and it has been discussed in
the VRF, and of course - I did it with my elder computers - but now I did
not know why it does not work on a Japanese machine:
Problem : NI-GPIB Card for laptop

Questions: What is the best way to install IO-Lib 14, Vee7.5 and a NI - GPIB

What I did:
I did install io-lib 14 as described as first,
Then I do install Vee 7.5,
Then I plugged in the PCMCIA -Card, then it was asking for drivers-
So driver was installed via CD-Rom which is 3 years old- Version 2.x

The card is working in iolib14, but within Vee the instrument manager is
ghosted- no access to this card.

Do I really need to install the NI VISA lib 3.x or higher to run ?
I was thinking that this is not needed anymore with using iolib14....

Clarification needed! Thanks for your support,

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