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vrf Joystick control

Question asked by bwalden on Jan 18, 2005
Hi Shawn,

You mentioned "DirectX" in one of your original Joystick question
responses so over the weekend I followed that thread and found
"DirectInput".  Unfortunately, that's all my available time allowed so
for the moment I'm working with the "text input" concept and it appears
to be acceptable.  Also, an associate added a microprocessor to a
potentiometer based joystick mechanism and now I have a serial input
devise that can be interfaced easily. One way or another, our test
vehicle's going in the water early next week.

At some point in the future I'd like to get back to DirectInput so
please keep your eyes open for helpful information or examples.  By the
way, did your last message mean that using DirectInput with Ver 6.01 was
a non-starter?


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