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vrf IO Lib 14 + VEE 7.51

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 22, 2005
Hi all,

Why is the IO Lib required for VEE 7.51? A lot of times I use VEE
without any instruments or just Serial Port or TCP/IP,
which I can handle with an activex. So if I have an application without
instruments and creates a runtime version, I will
have to install IO Lib on customers PC even if not going to use it. Can
this be "optional" at install time?

When I tried to install IO Lib for the first time, it asked for IVI
disk, but didnt give option to search for this disk, just OK or Cancel.
I tried to install "IviSharedComponents.msi" separately, but the same
thing happened. I am on W2K (Spanish), with .NET already installed.
Just before sending mail I succeeded to install IO Lib, but I had to
copy all files to hard disk first....


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