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vrf Does anyone know about the Enable/Disable Editing input?

Question asked by fukui.yutaka on Aug 29, 2005
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2005 by fukui.yutaka
> The PLC software is DirectSoft 32 and
> I want to manipulate the memory locations.

Just general info here:

Memory in the PLC, right? I don't know anything about this particular PLC or
it's software, but I do know the Omron CPM series which uses specific
(serial) commands to manipulate memory locations. These details are not
published to users of the PLC. The reason is you can pick up state data by
reading the memory, but you can't necessarily set state by writing to
memory. One example: you can write to memory to turn on and off panel LEDs
that indicate which outputs are on, but that only tests the LEDs. You have
to use output commands to actually turn on and off the outputs.

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