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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 16, 2005

I think this is my 4th email address on the VRF, so like you said, it's
real hard to tell who the top contributors are. Early on I was asking
more that answering, then over time it started going the other way.
Lately, I've been doing a lot more reading than responding.

I was listening to Kim Komando on the air today and she heard from a
listener they would clean up an old, sticky keyboard by throwing it in
the dishwasher and set it for a hot rinse-only cycle (with no soap),
then let it set for a few days to dry out. She thought it was foolish,
until she tried it! Sure beats popping all the key caps off to clean
it by hand! Just thought I would throw that out, since you seen to go
through a lot of keyboards. (Hummm... Do coffee drinkers retire more
keyboards than non-coffee drinkers?) 

Mike Groves

BTW, wasn't there something on the VRF M-A-N-Y years ago about cooking
a fish in the dishwasher? Maybe it wasn't on the VRF, but I thought
that's where I first heard it. Maybe I'm just getting senile.

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There is a primitive stats page (with top 10) now at:

Yours truly wins (?) with well over 1300, with Scott Bayes a distant 2nd at
283. Actually, my number is closer to 1500 - I haven't yet figured out how
to combine the results for the same person from different email addresses
(it's all SQL with no post-processing). My hotmail address alone contributed

This result isn't surprising. I've won "awards" on several BBSs for being a
huge gas bag! Hence the question: "how many keyboards do you go through in a

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