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TRL calibration post calculations steps

Question asked by mtxx on Apr 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by kenwong
Hello fellow technical experts,

I intend to measure a DUT's S parameters. my DUT is a very thin piece of material will be sandwich between a pair of waveguides.

since the transmission medium is a waveguide, i cant use the default calkit.
Hence i used the TRL calibration method.

I've read numerous technical paper and application notes regarding TRL calibration. but non of them describe in detail how to do the post calibration calculations. They only mention what are the standards required.

TRL=thru reflect line.

Thru: i have connected the waveguides without the DUT and measure the S parameters (S11, S12, S21, S22)
Reflect: connect a shorting plate to both waveguide opening and measure all S parameters.
line: insert a section of waveguide and measure its S parameters.

next i insert my DUT and measure its S parameters.

Now i have in my possession, the S parameters (of T,R,L, and DUT) magnitude and phase, from 6-12GHz
Now what should i do next? what kind of calculation should i do to get the calibrated S parameters of my DUT.

I've read the fundamental paper on TRL calibration from here.
but it did not mention how to do the post calculations.

Please help me, i really need to know the way to get the calibrated S parameters.
Many thanks!