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vrf running Vee files with veerun.exe

Question asked by g.nied on Apr 17, 2005
Hello all,

Well, I haven't used my office PC to talk to any instruments in a while it
seems (I always use whatever test system's PC that I'm working on) but I'm
having a problem now:  I wanted to play with an Agilent 34970A that we've
acquired, using an Agilent USB to GPIB converter.  I have VEE 6 and 7
installed on my system, as well as, uh, a certain NI product that I won't
name here.  Anyway, I had IO lib J.02.00 installed, so I decided to install
the latest lib, version 14.0.7202.1, in order to support the USB interface.
I installed it in parallel with the NI VISA.  My problem is, Find
Instruments works in VEE 6, but not in VEE 7; it says:"SICL32.dll and
VISA32.dll are either the wrong version or not found."

Anybody know how to fix this one?


Reiner Schlieker
Test Equipment Designer
Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.
Phone: (705) 740-7553
Fax:     (705) 740-7692

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