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vrf VEE vs LabView (formerly USB Headaches)

Question asked by rsb on Dec 8, 2005
"Coombs, Dean (N-Outsource Consulting) <> wrote:
> Any VI's out there in VEE-land that can read in TELEMETRY type (TLM)
> data streams?? To wit: At the SENDING end, we need to 1) Read in the TLM
> stream, 2) Convert it to a standard RS-232/422 type serial stream for 3)
> Application to a unit that goes from the RS serial to LAN/Ethernet. At
> the other (Receiving) end, we need to do the reverse, in order to
> recover the original TLM data stream.

I'd expect using a DLL would make a lot more sense than a native VEE routine.
That or an external routine called via "execute program".

Quick web search shows some possibilities at


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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