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vrf VEE7.5 & TabIndex

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 2006

This is an old problem created by MS in VB and perpetuated by everyone else.
In fact, there's really no such thing as a "tab index". The control order is the order they're listed in a .dlg or .rc file, or a template resource.
"Order" means "window creation order". The old dialog editors used to just swap the control definition order to change the tab index. The default tab handler looks for the next control "that is visible, not disabled, and has the WS_TABSTOP style [bit set]".


VB did things differently. "Order" meant something visual (in front, in
back) and not tab order, so TabIndex was introduced to tell the resource compiler what order to give the control in the .frx templates. The reason everything still has a TabStop is because the WS_TABSTOP bit is valid for all window types even if they're not going to be used for input.


You can still find form editors that work the old way, but VEE isn't one of them.


Find more information in the documentation for the functions:
DialogBox (macro)


An interesting historical perspective is at:
(one line)




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