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vrf looping error revisited

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 15, 2001
Correcion to previous e-mail,
(Display box IS a mag spectrum, not X-Y display)

I getting a weird error while doing a continuous loop. The structure of the
program is :
UNTIL BREAK feeding a :
PANEL DRIVER for HP8590L spectrum analyser with TRA_DATA as the output
The TRA_DATA pin then drives an X-Y DISPLAY (now a MAG SPECTRUM).

Every time I press START I get the following error :

HP VEE Run Time Error
Instrument Driver error 1077 : Insufficient data for ENTER in device
hp8590l9, line 5841
Object Title : HP8590L9(spec an(@))
Error Number 810

What am I doing wrong and can anyone help ?
Dan Besgrove (

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