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FW: vrf HPBasic needed!

Question asked by PacoLopez on Nov 25, 2005

First of all thanks to all of you that replied offering help on this
issue!. After reading Shawn's reply, seems that the files are not the
standard HPBasic Libraries. Could any of the Agilent forum users give
any light on this?. What kind of files are the ones we were using?. The
files were written in our San Diego division about 15 years ago...



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From: Shawn Fessenden []
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2005 16:19
To: Lopez, Francisco (Paco TIJ-Tools Tech)
Subject: RE: [vrf] HPBasic needed!

>  Here's one of the files we need to 'decompile' or edit.

Hmmm... bummer. HT Basic 6.1, 7, 8 and 9.0a all give "Improper file
format". Apparently there are differences between HT and HP. However...

I noticed HFSLIF and WS-BASIC in the file. None of my examples of HP
Basic for Windows have these words in them. That's puzzling.

The secure format difference is that a different secure tag value is
used and the source pointer is at a different location. I'm sure the
difference in the storage format can't be all that heinous.

I'll try to find Rob's address and ask him about it. I don't know who
one would contact at Agilent about this (if not somebody on the VEE
team). Scott Bayes may know, but I doubt he's getting email at his
Agilent address any more. Other than TransEra (
there's TAMS Inc. at I knew, TAMS was quite hostile toward Oswego Software, so you'll
probably get better service if you leave my name out of it

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