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vrf interfacing a motorola E398 mobile in VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 28, 2005
> I need to communicate or interface
> a motorola E398 mobile in my VEE
> program

Short answer - unless you can talk to it through a virtual com port or a
manufacturer supplied dll then... probably, but it will take a while (as in
it will probably take quite a bit of effort, not as in it's slow

You can always talk to any device directly through it's driver, but that's
not always a simple proposition. In this case, the driver might not even
exist. I wasn't able to find any info (in English) about this device. That
doesn't make it a wash though.

At the very least, you can talk to it through the USB port. That's the part
that's not real easy unfortunately. First you have to find the device. It
will be connected to some port of some hub of some host controller.

Enumerating the USB with VEE is proving to be a fascinating exercise, but
it's pretty complex. I'm about half way through gathering all the
information the USB has to offer. In the end hopefully this will be useful
to somebody.

In the mean time, you'll need two things: the symbolic link name of the
device or the symbolic link name of the hub it's connected to and the port
number, and specific information for the device interface. Like, what
exactly do you send to the device to get it to reply with what you want.

To get a device link name or hub link name & port number, you can use
usbview.exe. If you have IO Libs Suite installed it's in the
/bin/usb/usbview directory. If not you can look for it online - I'm sure
it's somewhere. Microsoft probably has it up for download. It's one of the
DDK examples. Specific device information might be harder to come by, but
seeing as how you've be contracted to test this thing Motorola will probably
cough it up.

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