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Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 27, 2006
Michele Gobbi <> wrote:
> Hi VRF,
> I was wondering if anyone has never tried to protect a vee application
> with an usb key. I need to do it to protect and license my software. I
> need to use the key to be sure that my software cannot be used in two
> PCs at the same time.
> If somebody had the same problem before, which dongle do you advice to
> purchase?
> Thanks and Regards
> Michele

You may be looking at this backward. Unless you are planning to
invent your own protection software, you should start by selecting
the software first than use whatever dongle(s) that software

If you are looking at writing your own software then you
might look at Rainbow Technologies ( )
as they have been doing dongles for a very long time. I believe
that they also have software solutions, though the clear
industry leader is flex ( ).

One thing to watch out for: licensing is NOT value added for the
end user and can be a major support issue for you. It could easily be
your single biggest support issue since there are many things that
can fail- such as competing license schemes/dongles if user has
other software that uses similar schemes. Hence you'll want to
keep things as absolutely simple and foolproof as possible- and
very fully test the installs and usage before shipping. And make
sure your support team is very well versed in all the things that
can go wrong. Ideally put a troubleshooting guide in your docs.

With that said, such licensing though is very common,
so should be quite doable with VEE. Odds are you'll be using a DLL
from the software vendor you choose.

good luck with your venture!


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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