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vrf Another problem with ERROR 811 and GPIB .

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 4, 2006
> Does anyone have any suggestions about how I might do this within a
> VEE program?

I'm afraid this is weak also....

Assuming the image control can select and notify VEE when a selection is made, suck it in as a bitmap (or at least know the coordinates of the selection when it is made and map them onto a source bitmap), convert to monochrome, apply "edge detection" (easy, plus matlab probably already has something for that), take the rectangle least x, least y, most x, most y and either a) fit a circle in that or b) look up the area based on the area of the rectangle.

Coordinate mapping and scale are the keys here. Most display controls do units of "Twips" (I like to say Twerps), which I think I remember is a 1440th of an inch. As for scale, you're on your own