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vrf Question about using VB DLL

Question asked by vinod1ram on Sep 28, 2005
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2005 by vinod1ram

I have been trying to use a DLL generated using VB in
a HP VEE program.  I followed the instructions in the
VEE users guide (Import Library followed by Call).
The VEE program recognizes the function declared in
the header file but it pops up an error stating that
the Function was not loadable:ConfigureDevice  Error
number:604.  Is there a way to debug why the function
is not loadable?  Is there a specific procedure to
generate the DLL so that it is easy to integrate it
with VEE? 
The contents of the header file are given below:

void ConfigureDevice(int Sync,
               int Rate,
               int Anpattern,
               int Aninput,
               int Genrate,
               int Singlerror,
               int Genpattern,
               int Genoutput,
               int Generrorinject,
               int Anerrorevent)



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