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vrf Problem with VEE/Win 2000/NI GPIB-USB-B

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 14, 2005
> though basically irreverent and definitely off topic,

Irreverent? Irreverent?? SLAP! No! Bad spell check.


Geez. I guess it is a beer night. Oh, by the way, I kinda blew off that
server thing for the last couple hours. I was writin' a story for October.
Hey! That reminds me, Steve has a mini ATA adapter. Hmmm... y'all just might
get that October 2002 VEE Ghost Windows with the "In The Graveyard"
attachment that never went out. Due to the bogus hard drive. That was
replaced by Bill.

Oh man. Irrelevant.

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