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Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 14, 2005
So, what's going on with this?

Well, the basic premise is working very well. But plans have changed a
little. We got to hear about a few ideas being kicked around for the next
version of VEE at VEE Days, and three of 'em are things I had in mind for
this thing. Witch is after all vaporware at this point, so I think I'll
probably just hang on and see what's forthcoming. Don't be disappointed
though. The list I have in mind is fairly cool, and three knockoffs aren't
really that big a deal.

ValidVEE 2 will probably appear before VEE 8, and it will stick to the basic
idea: validating VEE source files. In a much better way than just telling
you your parens are mismatched or something. It will at least be a novelty.
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