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vrf DynamicFindRemoteInstruments.vee

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 16, 2005
I think the problem is that scanning all the LAN addresses (around 65000
combinations on a subnet), will take a long time.

And you won't be friends with your local IT admin for long if you start scanning
the corporate network

Graeme Hilton
R&D Engineer

Schlumberger Sensa wrote the following on 14/10/2005 17:26:
> Hi, all!
> In my humble opinion DynamicFindRemoteInstruments.vee does not allow one to
> discovery all instrument connected to local/remote computer through LAN
> (Ethernet) since this approach simple read I/O configuration made by Agilent
> I/O connection expert. If device is not configured by Agilent I/O connection
> expert there is no chance to discover it.
> It will be great if one offer a code that is part of  Agilent I/O connection
> expert. I have in mind  find LAN instrument option. This allows one to
> discovery old instrument available in LAN right now.
> With best regards,
> Mikhail Kozlov
> -----Original Message-----
> From: FUKUI Yutaka []
> Sent: 14 October, 2005 12:15 PM
> To: VRF
> Subject: Re:[vrf] Question on 34980A
> Hi,
> Check the "DynamicFindRemoteInstruments.vee".
> You will know which I/F a 34980A is connected to with this program.
> Help -> "Open Example..." -> InstrumentIO
> This program uses the DynamicIO automation
> server to find all availabe interfaces and
> instruments on a local or remote PC. The
> remote PC must have Agilent VEE installed
> for remote instrument discovery to work.
> Warning: the remote object creation may
> fail and there may be a long period of time
> during which nothing seems to be happening
> before you get an object creation error.
> Please be patient.
> Next set the proper Instrument Visa Resource String to the 34980A.  
> "Function & Object Browser" ->
> Type: Instrument
> Instrument Category: GPIB Instrument(for example)
> Configured Instrument: Your 34980a
> Members:pnpResource
> -> "Create Set Formula"
> Regards,
> FUKUI Yutaka

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