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33120A:TimeOut after loading a string of points

Question asked by psow on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by psow
Before all, sorry for my bad english, i'm french

I wrote a program in VB6 to load a waveform in the hp33120A by RS-232
after loading points in volatile memory, I send an OPC? query
When I read response, I have a timeout. 

Your help will be greatly appreciated

A part of my program: (before that I set flow control to DTR-DSR and baud rate to 9600
                'Query the number of non-volatile memory slots available to store user-defined waveforms
                Fgen.WriteString "DATA:NVOLatile:FREE?"
                strGReturned = Fgen.ReadString
                ' strGReturned will contains “0” (memory is full), “1”, “2”, “3”, or “4”
                If CInt(strGReturned) = 0 Then
                    'We erase all the memory
                    Fgen.WriteString "DATA:DELete:ALL"
                    MsgBox ("Generator's memory is full, all waveform are deleted except the active signal")
                End If
                'Memory is available, we load waveform
                Me.MessageLog.Text = MessageLog.Text & vbCrLf & "Operation Loading " & strSignalName & " ..."
                'All points are concatenate in strSignalName, signal frequency is also set in strFrequency
                strWaveformPoints = waveformLoad(IniFilePath, strSignalName, strFrequency)

                Debug.Print "Avant => " & strWaveformPoints
                'if points are not separated by commas
                If InStr(strWaveformPoints, ",") = 0 Then
                    'a temporary string
                    Dim strTemp As String
                    strTemp = ""
                    'deleting space in the string
                    strWaveformPoints = Trim(strWaveformPoints)
                    'caracters are separated by a comma
                    For indice% = 1 To Len(strWaveformPoints) - 1
                        strTemp = strTemp & Mid(strWaveformPoints, indice, 1) & ", "
                        'Debug.Print strTemp
                    Next indice
                    'The last point will not be followed by a comma
                    strTemp = strTemp & Mid(strWaveformPoints, Len(strWaveformPoints), 1)
                    'Now expression fulfils the generator requirement
                    strWaveformPoints = strTemp
                End If
                Debug.Print "Apres => " & strWaveformPoints

                Fgen.WriteString "DISP:TEXT 'LOADING" & strSignalName & "'"
                'sending a caracter takes 1.1 ms, therefore the timeout should cover all transmission duration
                Debug.Print Len(strWaveformPoints)
                Fgen.IO.Timeout = 1.1 * (Len(strWaveformPoints) + 20) + 10000
                Debug.Print Fgen.IO.Timeout
            'Enabling trig from the rear panel of the arbitrary waveform generator
            Fgen.WriteString "Trig:Sour ext"
            'Enabling burst mode
            Fgen.WriteString "BM:State On"
                'loading points in volatile memory
                Delay 500
                Fgen.WriteString "DATA VOLATILE, " & strWaveformPoints
                'Timeout is fixed to 20 seconds for other commands
                Fgen.IO.Timeout = 20000
                '1s pause for the generator before sending another command
                Delay 1000
                'Check if operations are complete
                'Return “1” to the output buffer after the previous commands have been executed
                Fgen.WriteString "*OPC?"
                'Get the string from the output buffer
                strGReturned = Fgen.ReadString
                'We empty the output buffer
                'Print success in AWG front-end
                Fgen.WriteString "DISP:TEXT 'SUCCESS'"
                'Store waveform in non volatile memory, therefore, no need to load it again
                Fgen.WriteString "DATA:COPY " & strSignalName & ", VOLATILE"