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In-accurate VEE timer value... anybody got any idea how to solve this?

Question asked by kinkudes_hc on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by aarenas

I am using VEE Pro 7.5. I am having issue with VEE timer. 

Basically, I use timer to measure the time it takes to perform my routines. 
But, the value shown on timer is not correct.

Basically the program does the following: (Refer to timer_issue.jpg for clarity).
1) Start
2) Delay 2s => Timer shows 1.991s ... ok, close to 2 sec.
3) Execute User Object 1. (Inside contains delay 3s)... timer shows 2s... no good, off by 1 sec
4) Execute User Object 2. (Inside contains delay 2s)... timer shows 8 us... very bad, off totally
5) End

1) Does anybody sees the same problem? (I attached the VEE program for your reference).
2) Is there anyway I can make the timer to measure correctly?

Appreciate and thanks in advance for any advice.

Thanks and best regards.