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vrf Unexpected Vee Caution from Matlab (print -dmeta) - Here's the screendump

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 19, 2005
Hello Vfr,

Just ran into "mystical" Vee Caution notification. For some reason the
matlab command "print -dmeta" (copy figure to clipboard as EMF) gives a
Vee caution notice. The program worked fine on Vee 6.01 and Win2k, but
when we changed the OS to XP and Vee to 6.2 we start to get this caution
notice. I tried this example also on another PC (XP & Vee 6.2) and got
the same error.

The program itself works normally and stuff get's copied to clipboard,
but this Caution message keeps bugging the user.

I have been studied this for few days now but running out of knowledge.
So I would be very grateful if someone could give me some directions
here? Is this a Windows problem or Vee 6.01 <-> 6.2 issue?


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