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wasnot AW: vrf dual processing? - Drivers for HP436A and 8673A

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Nov 8, 2005
If they have Direct-IO Commands, why not use them ?
Do they have it ?

Best regards,

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Betreff: RE: [vrf] dual processing?

Hi Dean,

HP never created drivers for these instruments (I was the manager of the
group that wrote them).  However, many people had success using the 8653B
driver with the A instrument.  It was simply a matter of not hitting a
couple of buttons for functions that didn't exist in the a model (or was it
that the freq and power ranges were different?  Been too long).

The 436 was a little trickier.  However there is an unsupported panel driver
(who cares, all panel drivers are unsupported these days) down in section 5
of the panel driver link page.  This driver was written by a very
knowledgeable field engineer and worked well.  The unsupported tag was more
a matter of politics at the time than a reflection on the quality of the

The following page lists the panel drivers for VEE:

The following are direct links to the files you need:

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> From: Coombs, Dean (N-Outsource Consulting)
> []
> Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 5:47 PM
> To: VRF
> Subject: RE: [vrf] dual processing?
> Can anyone out in VRF-land help me find drivers and/or VEE
> programs for a couple of OLDER H-P instruments?? I have not
> had any success finding usable drivers for them from either
> Agilent's or National's web sites.
> Maybe, there is, out there somewhere, a VEE program or
> panel-driver for these two pieces. The instruments are 1) H-P
> 436A power meter  and 2) H-P 8673A signal generator. Any
> input will be very much appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Lockheed Martin
> Sunnyvale, CA

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