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66300X Self test Errors, Auto reboot, Blank display, Can't communicate.

Question asked by carlp on Apr 27, 2012
_*Description of the Problem*_
Power-On Self test Errors, Auto reboot, Blank display. No output Communication errors. No communication when using the GPIB Interface.
The primary +5 volt bias is generated by circuits on the “A1” main control board. The primary 5 volts is required by the “A2” interface circuits. Cabling is used to bring the 5 volts from the control board to the interface assembly. The bias cable plugs into circuit reference “J206” on the “A2” interface assembly. 
The primary 5 volts has been designed to be between 4.85Volts and 5.15Volts. 

The problem can be solved by soldering the cable wires directly into the interface printed circuit assembly “A2”. There are Service notes providing the  
specifics in detail. The Service Notes provide all of the required information to correctly solder the bias cable into the “A2” interface printed circuit assembly. (See Manual

_*The instrument will exhibit the defects described*_ 
When the primary 5 volts drops below the design limits described. Poor crimping of the female connectors on the bias cable is the cause of the problem. The pictures below show in detail the female connectors having the problem. 
Self test Errors 0 through 99 (sets Standard Event Status Register bit #3) 
0 No error 
1 Non-volatile RAM RD0 section checksum failed 
2 Non-volatile RAM CONFIG section checksum failed 
3 Non-volatile RAM CAL section checksum failed 
4 Non-volatile RAM STATE section checksum failed 
5 Non-volatile RST section checksum failed 
10 RAM selftest 
11 VDAC/IDAC selftest 1 
12 VDAC/IDAC selftest 2 
13 VDAC/IDAC selftest 3 
14 VDAC/IDAC selftest 4 
15 OVDAC selftest 
80 Digital I/O selftest error

_*NOTE*_ Use this link to view Specific Serial Numbers. 
Simply enter the model and click the line then follow the instructions.

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