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vrf Binary files - jump to location

Question asked by rsb on Nov 20, 2005
> How can you jump to a location (known number of bytes) in a large binary file, without having to read (an ignore) through the required number of bytes in a loop using the "Read Binary" in the "from File" function? For example is there any way to jump directly to a location by just specifying the number of bytes to skip?
> I'm using VEE Pro version 6.2

You can't- not even in principle. All modern file systems are
sequential access, so there's no way to do anything other than
read one byte at a time and walk through the file.

This is not a VEE issue, but rather a basic fiel system issue.
Applies to all modern OS's ( Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. ).

Now you _can_ of course create functions that will do what
you describe and hide the sequential nature of the file system,
but underneath the action is still there.


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