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AW: vrf Can someone explain this behavior?

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Jan 10, 2006

Understand your core point now. Do not think that this is a bug, as your
expected behavior would mean that you are always "prisoned " in a loop until
it is finished. And that would destroy some capabilities of vee.
How would you run another loop then ? Allways split your tasks in separate
line objects ? Perhaps a Philosphic question ...

Best regards,

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Von: Alexander Poulikakos (KI/EAB)
Gesendet: Dienstag, 10. Januar 2006 16:39
Betreff: RE: [vrf] Can someone explain this behavior?


Yes, it seems as the input to the 'On Cycle' object is satisfied once
the value is set. Why? Is this a bug within VEE?

See attachment. I would expect both threads to behave the same. 'A' and
'B' text objects should NOT execute, since the 'On Cycle' loop never
stops. But for some reason in the first thread, the 'A' text object
executes, without the 'On Cycle' loop has finished. The 'On cycle'
object must have some kind of bug on the input pin. OR???


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From: Schlieker, Reiner []
Sent: den 10 januari 2006 16:04
Subject: RE: [vrf] Can someone explain this behavior?

Well, I'm no expert in VEE program propagation, but, it would seem that
it's because the input to the ON CYCLE is satisfied once the value is
Since you're not connecting the sequence pin of the ON CYCLE to the text
object, it's allowed to execute (as you can see, the text object that
you do have connected to the sequence pin doesn't fire).


-----Original Message-----
From: Alexander Poulikakos (KI/EAB)
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 7:35 AM
Subject: [vrf] Can someone explain this behavior?


See my attached example (VEE 7.03). I have an input to a "On Cycle"
It seems as the input behaves as an asynchronous pin (somehow). How
Is this correct? why has the last "Text Constant" executed while the
Cycle loop is still on-going?

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