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AW: vrf Multi-dimensional arrays

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 3, 2006
Perhaps i do misunderstand the whole thing- but:

Cant this be done by the use of records of arrays ?

You can enlarge them whenever you want, store them, and if you reload them you may choose only these things you need....



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My head hurts.


The code I am writing adds/deletes dimensions on the fly.  I can of course reduce dimension sizes on the fly, but I can't increase them.

The idea is to be able to store parameters for the various products, so that they can get loaded into the product from the file.  Thing is, each product has so many options and operating conditions, I don't know how many dimensions will be needed.  Ouch.  Anyway, everything else is done - just this last bit to do.


Possible dimensions:



Operating conditions

Calibration factors





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Just a quick question, how do you think your way around an array that big? I can manage 3 maybe 4....




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Subject: [vrf] Multi-dimensional arrays


Hi fellow vrf-ers,

I wish to take a multi-dimensional int32 array (could be as high as 6 dimensions) and increase the size of any one of these dimensions, without losing the existing data.  Is there a tidy way of doing this?




David Watling



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