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Keithley 237 with Agilent 82357A in LabView

Question asked by luisgepeto on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by MattC
Hi everyobody. I am new with programming in LabvView. I have made a program to control my Keithley 237 with LabView. I use an Agilent 82357A to control the Keithley. So far I havent had any succes in communicating with the device. As far as I understand, the way I must communicate with my Keithley device through the Agilent 82357A is by a VISA protocol right? I am able to make that LabView and MAX detect the Agilent Card, and now the VISA Address from my Keithley is available to be used in the LabView. However, when I send the typical comands such as Reset, or Set Voltage to the Keithley through the VISA Send command in LabView I get back some errors.
I would beglad if you could help me in some way.