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vrf SOLVED: Is this doable? SendTo vee file

Question asked by alexander.poulikakos on Dec 21, 2005

I made a .bat file as suggested below and it's now working


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Yes - the easiest way to do this is indeed to employ a batch file. It's much simpler than trying to concoct quoted command lines with uncertain parsers. The argv parser has been around forever and we know exactly how it works.

Batch file:
AddEmptyLine.cmd (or .bat)
"c:Program FilesAgilentVEE Pro 7.5vee.exe" --ignore %1 -r "c:Documents and SettingsShawnMy DocumentsVEE Programs     est.vee"

All on one line. So you see, Warren had it. It's just the brain-dead parser that was "scrouge"ing things up. Pop a shortcut to the batch file in SendTo, change it's icon to VEE's icon (so you can tell what it actually is) and the output of test.vee (from the commandLine function) is:

0: c:Program FilesAgilentVEE Pro 7.5vee.exe
1: --ignore
2: c:script56.chm <my right click file>
3: -r
4: c:Documents and SettingsShawnMy DocumentsVEE Programs     est.vee

Things to keep in mind:
Windows associative app resolution = brain dead parser
Command interpreter = good parser
Spaces = bad, but good parser can handle it.

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