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Re2: vrf VISA Alias question + Display question

Question asked by rsb on Nov 7, 2005 wrote:
> But, since mine starts with 'USB....', I should be ok right?

yep - I forgot to add in my note " this may or may not
have anythig to do with the OP's problem"

>  My problem is
> that after the IO libraries are installed, the alias is at the default
> USB0, which does not match what I have set in my program of USB34980A.  I
> set it to that so I can switch between GPIB and USB, by simply setting the
> device name variable in the beginning of my program to either GPIB34980A or
> USB34980A.  I have to then go into the IO library program and manually
> change the alias of the interface, which is something I don't want my users
> to do.

I've run into a dastardly problem with USB connected
devices also. It appears that the instrumenet manager needs
refreshing every time the device is reconnected- even the same
device on the same system. I was unable to find any programmatic
way around this.

This could be related to what you are seeing.

Perhaps someone will have hints?


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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