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vrf VEE 6.20 and Visual Studio 6.0 (Early reports)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 25, 2008
> And Shawn because this is Friday
> night, I am not dumping this
> issue in your lap I am simply
> adding this to something

Oh I know about it. Yes, it is *very* disconcerting, but it makes sense when you think about it.

When an *in-proc* server is loaded, it becomes part of the VEE process. When you choose to end debugging, the process is killed. Whomf, greasy black smoke for all the modules loaded in the process.

Any in-proc server is after all just a dll with a Component Object Model binary interface. The "object" is a pointer to instance data (which starts with a vtable pointer, or IUnknown as it's called), and the vtable entries are in a well defined order.

This is of course slightly fascinating. The "value" of an ActiveX object is a pointer to a pointer to a vtable, the third entry of which (I think it's third anyway: AddRef, Release, QueryInterface) is QueryInterface. You can get the component's ITypeLib interface and find out everything there is to know about the component. VEE can't of course do that (from VEE source) without some help, but it does present some extraordinary possibilities with a little help.

Out-of-proc servers on the other hand exist in their own process space, so when you attach to them & then end debugging VEE won't go away, but it will definitely have a great deal of trouble trying to proxy anything at all.

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